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Kodiak Outdoor Guide
Unforgettable vacations


If you can't see a horizon without being drawn to it, a mountain without wondering what the view is from the top, or if you just need to get out and exercise, we'll get you there and back safely.
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Full Day or Half Day

Choose your Hike

Lunch & Snacks

A ful day or half day trek, whatever fits into your vacation schedule.  You decide.
With a variety of hiking options we can take a class 4 hike up a mountain, a gradual stroll through easier terraine or something tucked in the woods on a wet and windy Kodiak day.  
​We'll stop off for a tasty lunch and snacks throughout our trek and enjoy the scenery with plenty of time for landscape photos and snapshots.
Whether we have blue bird skys or a down pour of rain and wind to go with it we've got a great hike to take you on.  Let the spruce trees protect you while exploring moss laden dense forests and the critters that stay tucked away.  If your looking for an extreme hike let my experience keep you safe on your adventure. 
Kodiak weather can often sneak up on you so I recommend bring lots of warm gear, rain jacket and rain pants, hat and some good hiking boots.  Cotton kills, so be sure to pick synthetic or wool materials so you stay warm and dry.  Or at least warm!